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updated Thurs, 8 August 2021

FAQ: Online Orders

When are your delivery dates?

We deliver every Monday to Friday. Our delivery partner will arrive between 12pm and 5pm with your ice cream.

How long will my ice cream take to get to me?

We'll need 2 working days notice to delivery your ice cream.

  • If you order on a Monday, we'll deliver on Wednesday

  • But, if you order on a Saturday or Sunday, we'll deliver on Tuesday.

Is there a minimum order?

No there isn't! :) 

Can I change my delivery date?

If your delivery is within 36 hours, we will not be able to change your delivery date. Do give us a call at 6977 9749 or email with your order number and new delivery date.​ Please be advised that no changes are confirmed until you have received written correspondence from us.

What happens if I want to arrange my own courier?

We'll prepare order and you can make payment via PayNow. Drop us a call at 6977 9749 to find out more.

I ordered the wrong thing! Help!

Please be advised that we are unable to amend your order via our online platform. If you wish to make any changes or add to your order, do contact us directly at 6977 9749 or at Please be advised that no changes are confirmed until you have received written correspondence from us.

How do I contact you if I require assistance?

Drop us an email at, and we'll do our best to answer within 48 hours.

I wasn't home when you guys delivered. Can I request a re-delivery?

Due to the nature of ice cream in Singapore's hot weather, our delivery partners will not be able to wait for more than 10 minutes at your location. If your address is incorrect or incomplete and we are unable to contact you at the time of delivery, re-deliveries are subject to a fee of $10 nett. This fee goes directly to our delivery partners.

FAQ: Our Shop

Do you guys allow dine-ins?

We're only open for takeaways until further notice. Check out our Takeaway Menu to see what we're offering!

When will you guys be open for dine-ins?

Once the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures are eased!

I can't find you at Shaw Tower! Did you guys move?

Yup! We moved in April 2020 as Shaw Tower is demolishing.


In the event of any order cancellations, we will need to impose an administrative charge of $5 nett per transaction to help us cover the processing fees imposed by Stripe. 

Do be advised that once you have collected your order or the delivery has been made, we do not allow any returns in the interest of food safety. In the unlikely event that you discover any defects with your ice cream, please reach out to us at and we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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