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Searching for a fun get-together idea or a memorable corporate team bonding activity? Let us teach you how to make ice cream from scratch without the use of an ice cream maker.


Date & Time: We're currently not running public classes. Sorry!

Price: $160 nett for 2 persons | $210 nett for 3 persons


Price: $60 to $75 nett per person
minimum number of persons applicable

P.S. We also do private gelato parties with DIY ice cream stations from $30 nett per person!​

Specially tailored for home chefs and hobbyists in mind, we'll equip you with the knowledge to create your very own flavours at home, and you can look forward to the following during the class:

  • An introduction to the type of ingredients used and the difference between ice cream and gelato

  • demonstration of the ice cream-making process

  • hands-on session where you'll work in pairs to make an Ice Cream and a Mix-In

  • Gelato and Belgian Waffles buffet throughout the class, where you can enjoy unlimited servings of all the flavours available in the shop

  • 10% off the purchase of our entire menu on the day of the class


  • The ice cream you made

  • A booklet of 5 easy ice cream recipes and a recap of the information learned in the class


  • Classes are non-refundable. If you need to change your class date please Whatsapp us at
    8815 8221.

  • Participants will need to sign up in pairs, as they will not be able to share ice cream making stations with a stranger.

  • All ingredients will be measured out beforehand

  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to attend the class as there is hot cooking involved.


Do you do private or corporate classes?

For private classes and corporate rates, please WhatsApp us at 8815 8221 contact us at The classes are 2 hours long and participants also enjoy an ice cream buffet and free waffles. You can choose between a more theory-based class, or one with more team-bonding activities.

Is there cooking involved? 
Yes! You will learn to cook an ice cream custard using eggs, milk, cream and sugar.


Do I need an ice cream maker at home? 
Nope! You will learn how to make everything by hand using common kitchen appliances and simple cooking methods.

Can children join the lesson? 

Yes, but it is not recommended as there is cooking involved. For the safety of all our guests, the minimum participation age is 12 years and above. All children have to be accompanied and supervised by a paying adult participant. 

Will the ice cream I make taste as yummy as Tom’s Palette ice cream?
The method of cooking we teach is the same method we use to make ice cream in the shop: using nothing more than eggs, milk, cream and sugar plus ingredients that you can easily find from the supermarket. However it will not be exactly the same as commercial equipment goes a long way in making our gelato smooth and creamy.

So what is the difference between commercial and homemade ice cream then? 
Commercial ice cream is churned in large quantities using a machine. Handmade ice cream involves hand-churning and can only be done in small and more manageable quantities of ice cream (of up to 500ml).

Are you able to conduct private classes in my home or office? 
Unfortunately due to power and equipment requirements, we are only able to conduct ice cream classes in our shop.

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