Whether it's an intimate party or a grand celebration with a thousand attendees, let us liven up your event with our unique creations. With 100 flavours to choose from and a host of serving options, find out how we can customise our experience.


Combining the best of both worlds, enjoy the novelty of a gelato scooping station without breaking the bank. Perfect for events with fewer than 300 guests.

*Requires a minimum order of 100 scoops.


This fuss-free option is best suited for office gatherings, birthday bashes, and parties of all kinds! Enquire about our glass door chest freezer for full-day events.

*Minimum order of 20 cups. Picture for illustration only.


For a more elegant option, our sleek 6-tub ice cream display is sure to make a lasting impression. The preferred option for multi-day events with over 300 guests.


Need a cosy space for 40 to 50 guests? Hold a party at our shop, complete with unlimited scoops of ice cream, complimentary cones and drinks, and a discount on our waffles!


How many flavours can I choose?
This is dependent on the option you pick and your number of guests. A great gauge is one flavour per 50 guests, with up to a maximum of 6 flavours for our live scooping stations. For pre-packed cups, we recommend up to 4 flavours for easy distribution.

How many flavours do you have?
Select from our library of over 100 flavours, ranging from everything from local to international, and unorthodox to classic. Don't hesitate to request for one that you might have seen in our shop before!

Can I customise a flavour?
We're certainly open to it! There may be additional charges for research & development and ingredient costs, depending on the complexity of the flavour.

Do you do toppings?
Yes we do! Drop us a note to find out more.

How much setup time do you need?
We'll need half an hour to get ready for our Live Scooping Stations and Pre-packed Cups, and we do require at least 5 hours in advance for our Ice Cream Showcase.

Catering Required


For enquiries, please contact us at 6296 5239, send us an email at, or drop us a note using the form below.

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