22 Jan to 28 Feb 2021

This Lunar New Year, we're giving you a reason to spring clean your freezer with our 3 Tubs for $45 deal, as well as the return of three seasonal flavours that we know you've just been hankering for.

*In lieu of the Lunar New Year holidays, we'll be closed from Thurs, 11 Feb to Sun, 14 Feb.

We'll reopen on Mon, 15 Feb! See you then!

TAU SAR PIAH | Gelato Flavour


One of our more traditional flavours that many folks (including ourselves) have been eagerly waiting for!


This sweet and slightly savoury gelato is crafted with a traditional mung bean paste and packed with bits of flaky pastry.

PINEAPPLE TART | Gelato Flavour


We knew it was going to be a hit when we first made this!


We slice and cook pineapples by hand before turning it into a delicious pineapple gelato. This sweet and slightly tart treat is layered with housemade butter biscuits and pearls of pineapple jam.

KUEH BANGKIT | Gelato Flavour


Light, delicate and toasty, with a wonderful coconut flavour! Our regulars will tell you that this Kueh Bangkit ice cream tastes exactly like the biscuit, and just like the original, it's guaranteed to melt in your mouth!

3 TUBS FOR $45 | In-Store Promotion


Each 650ml tub packs two flavours and contains about 5 to 7 scoops of ice cream!

This promotion is not applicable with other discounts and discounts. There's an additional +$3 charge for each tub of our Lunar New Year flavour or premium flavour.

ALL THE SNACKS "年饼" | Seasonal Parfait


Kueh Bangkit Soft Serve, Housemade Coconut Brittle, Love Letters, Pineapple Tart, and Gula Melaka Jelly.

We specially created this parfait to include all of our favourite Lunar New Year snacks! Only available from 27 Jan to 28 Feb.